Node.js Development

Node.js has been sought after since its commencement as it is the first JavaScript condition to give server-side execution to growing continuous I/O activities. Being a free and open-source run-time condition, Node.js helps Node.js engineers for relying upon a solitary programming language to compose server-side contents.

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MagnusMinds is one of the top Node.js improvement organization which cares for the development of engineering and lifts profitability for upgrading your business sustenance.

Node Js

Our group comprises of expert Node.js designers who give the best arrangements and counseling administrations to explore your business bits of knowledge. At MagnusMinds, with the assistance of cordial highlights of Node.js advancement and solid specialized abilities of our experts, we give hearty and expertise answers for recognizing distinctive business challenges by making a cutting-edge arrangement according to your requests.

Our Node.js development expertise

  • IOT app development.
  • App development for Social networking
  • Chat application development and real-time chatbots.
  • Content management development
Node.js Development

Services We Offer

Node JS is considered as a reputed platform for real-time applications development. At MagnusMinds, we have expertise over catering custom, lightweight, scalable, and high-performance Node Js Development Services.

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IOT app development
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Why Choose Node.js?


Performance and Scalability.

Node.js is built upon Google Chrome’s V8 runtime—written in C++, built for multiple operating systems and super-fast. Both V8 and Node are frequently updated, with performance optimizations, security patches, and support for modern JavaScript features. The use of JavaScript also means that transforming JSON data—the most common data interchange format on the Web—is fast by default.

Cross-Platform Development

Platforms like Electron or NW.js let you build cross-platform desktop apps with Node.js. That means you can use some of the code from your Web app in its desktop versions for macOS, Windows and Linux. Moving forward, the same team working on your Web app can deliver a desktop app without having expert knowledge of C#, Objective-C, or any other language required for building native apps.

Building Cross-Functional Teams

Contrary to a skill-set silos teams, in a cross-functional team every member is responsible for the entire lifecycle of the app: writing code, testing, hosting, deployment, and maintenance. Teams like that are made up of experts in all the relevant areas: front- and backend developers, infrastructure engineers, and quality assurance experts.

Node.js is used as a Single Programming Language

Node.js offers the developers the luxury of writing the server-side applications in the JavaScript. This allows the Node.js developers to write both the front-end as well as the back-end web application in JavaScript using a runtime environment.