Case Study

Here's the Case-Study of some of our works we'd like you to see...


Franchise Inventory Management with Escalation Process

Provided a solution to manage purchases & stocks for different branches with modules like Purchase Request, Purchase Order, Stock Transfer, Good Receive, Purchase Invoice, Payment, etc.

Technology Stack

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.NET Core 3.1
SQL Server 2016
Code First Migration
Code First Migrations

The Challenge

Recently, we got connected to one of the US Clients and they were one of the leading healthcare service providers. They had a network of 90+ laboratories in 120+ cities with 400+ collection centers globally.

Here, the challenge was to make their Inventory Management automated because as their business was scaling, the number of inventories they were handling was also increasing. So it was getting harder for them to manage the inventories effectively. Also, they were looking to stop collusion among the centers to have complete transparency by implementing automated Inventory Management.


The Solution

MagnusMinds provided them with the solution that they will be able to manage their stocks, purchases, and branches. For that, first of all, we created an ERP, and then center-wise, the users can request to login into that ERP to review the Inventory. At the end of the day, the user can request for the purchase requisition and in reference to that request, the Center Manager approves and escalates that request and after the request gets approved, the user gets the goods/services he asked for in the purchase requisition and as soon as the user gets the goods/services, payment gets released from the Head Office for the center. Country-level accountants manage the billing summaries and outwards and request the payment against the bills generated.


MagnusMinds Team was victorious in helping the client to provide a solution where everything was logged at each level and there was clear transparency about the inventory as well as requests. This helps the Head Office to manage vendors across the countries too.