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Here's the Case-Study of some of our works we'd like you to see...

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The case study segment includes a variety of projects that our professionals have successfully completed. These projects will give you a clear understanding of our team's experience and proficiency. Here, we strive to have a creative approach that enhances and strengthens our client's enterprise.

Fuel Analysis SSIS Case Study

The Challenge - Recently, our former client came up with a query in which they wanted the zip file(s) for the fuel analysis data from various fuel branch units and organizations (who are their clients) to be loaded to their Pre-staging databases.

Online Bookstore Portal Case Study

The Challenge - One day, I connected with one Singapore-based client and he was looking for a Full-stack Engineer who can turn his idea into reality. He came up with the idea of making a website for his bookstore. The client was trying to upgrade their system, but lacked a scalable website. They only operated in one country at that time. When they delved into the next market, the way the website was built generated a lot of errors.

Hotel CRM Case Study

The client had an ordering platform for customers built by a previous developer that was no longer scaling to meet their needs.