API Testing is a fundamental part of API development and is considered to be a challenging part of software testing.

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API Testing
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When testing API, it is not adequate to know only that clicking a button will send a request to the server. It is also important to understand the parts of a REST request, to know how to create, formulate, and send requests without depending on the UI, also to realize what to expect as an acknowledgment when sending a test request to make sure that the API is operating perfectly.

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To build an efficient and linked customer experience, APIs are important and businesses are beginning to realize their importance. The importance of API testing has therefore come into place in order to understand the scope of its position with regard to applications.

This particular testing includes specifically testing the application interfaces as part of the integration testing to decide if the application meets the functionality, usability, reliability and security requirements perfectly. One of the most difficult testing practices in the software and QA phase is API testing, since it exposes glitches, anomalies, and deviations from the intended actions of the application.

API Testing Types:

  • API Performance Testing
  • API Automation Testing
  • API Security Testing
  • API Integration Testing
API Testing

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Why choose API TESTING?


Access to application without User Interface

API Testing's major core benefit is that it provides access to the functionality without users actually having to deal with a potentially different device. Instead of becoming bigger problems during GUI testing, this allows the tester to identify and recognize the errors early.

Protection from malicious code and breakage

Extraordinary conditions and inputs are required for the API test to protect the application from malicious code and breakage. API checks essentially drive software to its connective limits. Testing for the API helps eradicate vulnerabilities.

Cost Effective/Reduces Testing Cost

Automation of the API test requires fewer code, thereby providing quicker test results and better coverage of the test. A reduction in total testing costs is the end product of faster testing. Testing the application's API level features offers an early assessment before running GUI tests of its overall build power. Early error recognition lowers the expense of manual testing. Automation of API tests improves the tests' depth and reach.

Technology Independent

The data is shared using XML or JSON in an API test and the HTTP requests and responses are compromised. All of these are independent of technology and are used for production. Thus, by using automated API testing services for your application, an API test enables you to choose any core language.